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Get accurate assessment billing, efficient collection, and escrow services from Litehouse Community Management, Inc., in Laguna Niguel, California. Immediately upon the commencement date of management, this proper management company will check on the validity of the association's nonprofit status with the Secretary of State of California. This procedure is vitally important to ensure that the association has not fallen into a state of suspension. 

Competitive bids will be obtained from vendors or contractors who have proper licenses and insurance. Proof of licensing and insurance will be verified. Particular attention will be given to vendor ethics, reputation, and quality of workmanship, with an emphasis on expertise in products used.

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Tracking Reports

Detailed tracking reports for major common area work and for individual unit address repair work will be provided to enumerate:

• History of Repairs or Replacements • Contractor Information • Invoices • Special Notes
Management will plan for and implement the preparation of major annual mailings to homeowners, such as budgets and audits.
Professional minutes will be taken by the property manager at regular or special board meetings and executive sessions. The director’s reports will be mailed or delivered promptly, allowing the board of directors several days to review the agenda and contents before the scheduled board meeting.


Inspections will be conducted on a regular basis with or without a vendor or a board member in attendance. Violations and common area property issues will be listed on the property manager's check list for follow-up, which will be provided to the board of directors. When necessary, these notices will be sent to the homeowner per the policy of the board of directors:

• Violation Letters • Hearing Notices • Subsequent Fine Advisement or Second Hearing Notices
Management will refer to and adhere to the Davis-Stirling Act and to the Association's By-Laws, Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions (CC&Rs), and Rules & Regulations when appropriate.

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